Ep333 – Cockheads and Cowboys

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 333 – The INRS crew make their predictions for 2023, and may also find some time to discuss the latest in science, tech, and geek news.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

Download Ep.333 (63MB)

Songs Played:
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head – Ben Folds
Always Something There To Remind Me – Rebecca’s Empire
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – Gene Pitney
I See Red – Split Enz
What’s New Pussycat – Tom Jones
Three Wheels On My Wagon – Dick Van Dyke
Walk On By / Say A Little Prayer / Do You Know The Way To San Jose – Dionne Warwick

Podcast also contains Podfix Network Promos for:
BewilderSeasts! (https://podfixnetwork.com/bewilderbeasts/)


  • Each person starts with 10 credits
  • Person makes a prediction
  • Everyone rates the prediction a 1. Low, 2. Medium, or 3. High difficulty, and the prediction is given a difficulty rating (d) of the rounded average of the ratings
  • Person making the prediction MUST wager (w) at least 1 credit, but can choose to add 1 or 2 extra credits
  • Non-predictors can choose to wager 1 or 2 credits if they agree, or 1 if they disagree
  • Any unspent credits can be spent at the conclusion, but only 1 credit on any prediction
  • Score (S) will be calculated based on the wager (w), multiplied by two (2) to the power of the difficulty rating (d) i.e. S = w * 2^d
  • Wagers made on disagreeing with a prediction will Score 1pt


  • eg. Someone predicts intelligent life will be found on the moon, and it’s given a 3. high difficulty rating. The predictor wagers 2 credits, one person wagers 1 on it coming true, and the other wagers on it not coming true.
  • If the prediction is correct: The predictor will get 2 * 2^3 = 16pts, the person that agreed will get 1 * 2^3 = 8pts, and the person that disagreed will get 0pts
  • If the prediction is incorrect: The predictor and the person that agreed will get 0 pts, and the person that disagreed with get 1pt

The Predictions:
Tech Trends
Andrew [] Elon Musk will be forced to sell at least one of his controling stakes in Twitter, Tesla or Spacex (Difficulty 1, Wagers: Andrew 2, Tony -1, Vlado 1)
Vlado [] Microsoft will be forced to withdrawl it’s live ChatGPT/Bing offer (Difficulty 1, Wagers: Vlado 2)
Tony [] Bill Gates will pass away and will donate all to charity (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Tony 1, Vlado -1)

Tony [] Tom Cruise to leave the church of Scientology (Difficulty 3, Wagers: Tony 2, Vlado -1)
Vlado [] Everything, Everywhere, All At Once will win Oscars for Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actor (Difficulty 3, Wagers: Vlado 2)
Andrew [] Guaridians of the Galaxy 3 will make less that 150% of it’s budget worldwide (and be a flop) (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Andrew 2, Tony -1)

Wild Card
Vlado [] There going to be >50 ballons or other UAPs reported to fly over North America requiring action (take down, track, report) (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Vlado 1)
Andrew [] No new big world-wide events (eg. significant deaths, wars, pandemic etc) (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Andrew 2, Tony 1)
Tony [] Atlantic Ocean will do a lot (most hurricanes ever i.e. >=15) (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Tony 1)

Tiny Tech
Andrew [] A Chinese lab will announce that they can build a tiny/nano machine to kill rouge (cancers) that run off the thermal energy of the body it’s injected into. (Difficulty 1, Wagers: Andrew 2)
Tony [] A company will announce with a timeframe to be on the market within 2 years, that they will sell “smart” contact lenses… display HUD or take measurements (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Tony 1)
Vlado [] New particle from the LHC (Difficulty 1, Wagers: Vlado, Tony 1)

Tony [] Announcement of a exo-planet with a biosignatures (Difficulty 2, Wagers: Tony 1)
Vlado [] Starlink to ban Ukrainian use of their satellites (Difficulty 1, Wagers: Vlado 1)
Andrew [] Unequivicoal evidance of alien life (Difficulty 3, Wagers: Andrew 2)

All [] Rundown and wager adjustments


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