Ep16 – R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

Moving the podcasts originally shared on Google Drive over to be with the rest of the shows – Ep16 originally broadcast on 26th of August 2012

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 16 – Vlado, Wal and John try to recreate the madness of the previous week’s show which was the second on the lost episodes… and they do a fairly good job of it. The show did suffer its own technical difficulties and 9 minutes (midnight to 12.09AM) were lost forever. Thankfully, the rest of the show is available for all to enjoy.

During the show we discuss the passing of Neil Armstrong, Mars Curiosity Rover, 4D Saturn V Puzzle, Existential Risk / Idiocracy / Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Download Ep.16 (56MB)

Top 10: The 5 Saddest Things People Do to Look Smart

Songs Played:
Astronaut – The Killgirls
Pump Yuh Flag – Machel Montano
The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang
Dumb Things – Paul Kelly


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