Ep236 – Ace Windu Pest Detective

It’s Not Rocket Surgery – Episode 236. The INRS crew make their predictions for 2020, and may also find some time to discuss the latest in science, tech, and geek news.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

Download Ep.236 (87MB)


  • 3pts for correct prediction that nobody agrees with
  • 2pts for correct prediction that one other agrees with
  • 1pt for correct that both agree with, if the prediction isn’t modified, or different prediction made.


  • 2pts if only you disagree with prediction and it is incorrect
  • 1pt if both disagree with prediction and it is incorrect
  • 1pt if both agree and it is correct

The Joker:

  • Playing “the joker” on a prediction doubles the points that the prediction can earn for the person making the prediction
  • As well as being able to play a joker on their own prediction, this year, one can play a joker on someone else’s prediction that they agree with, for doubles the points they’d pick up usually

The Predictions:
Details coming soon

Songs Played:
North & South of the River – U2
Smokie Joe’s La La – Googie Rene
Walk on Guiled Splinters – Paul Weller
It’s Your Thing – The Isley Brothers
Voodoo Sabotage – Beastie Boys vs Jimi Hendrix
Sweat From My Balls – CB4
The Prowl – Dan Auberbach

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