Ep115 – Predictions for 2017

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 115 on Sunday Jan 22nd – a hint of Nostradamus as the guys put their credibility on the line and make predictions about 2017, and find some time to discuss the latest in science, tech, and geek news.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

Download Ep.115 (53MB)


  • 3pts for correct prediction that nobody agrees with
  • 2pts for correct prediction that one other agrees with
  • 1pt for correct that both agree with, if the prediction isn’t modified, or different prediction made.


  • 2pts if only you disagree with prediction and it is incorrect
  • 1pt if both disagree with prediction and it is incorrect
  • 1pt if both agree and it is correct

The Predictions:

Tiny Tech

Wal [at 9m55s]

  • Someone will demonstrate a plastic eating virus or nanobyte actually turning landfill in to use for material (through a reputable source).
  • Tony – agree / Vlado – agree

Wal [at 11m34s]:

  • Someone will announce and have actually worked out and be able to demonstrate how to regenerate damaged or destroyed nerve tissue.
  • Tony – disagree / Vlado – agree

Vlado [at 12m45s]

  • Someone will announce, via a reputable source, a cure for one of the big 4 cancers (lunch, brain, breast, leukaemia) in people – with 90% success rate.</li?
  • Tony – disagree / Wal – disagree

Tony [at 16m23s]

  • Scientist are going to discover a new particle this year that will mess with the standard model
  • Wal – agree / Vlado – disagree

Tech Trends

Tony [at 19m31s]

  • There will be a major hack into the American presidency and there will be a major drop like Wikileaks on Donald Trump
  • Vlado – agree / Wal – agree
  • Upgrade – Now one will care
  • Vlado – agree / Wal – agree
  • Upgrade – his tax returns will be leaked
  • Vlado – agree / Wal – agree

Wal [at 21m32s]

  • A group will disrupt a major event, or shutdown a major city, with a cyber-attack, which will combine use flash-mob tactics and common handheld computer tech.
  • Vlado – disagree / Tony – agree

Vlado [at 24m11s]

  • A major automotive manufacture will release a commercially available fully AI capable vehicle, and there will be somewhere in the world that will allow it to be driven.
  • Wal – disagree / Tony – disagree

Tony [at 26m30s]

  • Commercially available (on Amazon), in-ear device that will translate languages in real-time, that actually works.
  • Wal – disagree / Vlado – agree

Movies, Film & TV

Tony [at 31m23s]

  • Logan will be the highest earning X-Men movie of all-time (on condition that Deadpool is not considered an X-men movie)
  • Vlado – agree / Wal – disagree

Wal [at 35m48s]

  • We will lose two actors that played James Bond, including Woody Allen
  • Vlado – agree / Tony – disagree

Vlado [38m00s]

  • First 2 weeks of Stars Wars 8 will outsell first 2 weeks of Star Wars 7 (US Box Office)
  • Wal – disagree / Tony – agree


Vlado [at 42m24s]

  • Someone will announce, via reputable sources, that they’ve discovered and can prove the existence (a visual confirmation) of a 9th planet
  • Tony – Agree / Wal – Agree

Wal [at 44m25s]

  • Trump will slash spending for space activities and give it over to private industry
  • Tony – Agree / Vlado – Agree

Wal [at 45m33s]

  • One of the worlds private space agencies will announce plans (with a date within the next 5 years) to create in orbit some form of construction facility, from raw material.
  • VLado – disagree/ Tony – disagree

Tony [at 48m45s]

  • Something will be presented that shows the nature of dark-matter, which can’t immediately be knocked down.
  • Vlado – agree / Wal – disagree

Vlado [at 52m55s]

  • A reputable space agency will announce that they understand the mechanism causing the anomalous irregular dimming of Tabby’s Star
  • Wal – agree / Tony – disagree

Wild Card

Vlado [at 59m30s]

  • Trump will not be president or be in the process of being impeached
  • Wal – agree / Tony – agree
  • Trump will no longer be on this Earth, going the way of one or two of the Bonds
  • Wal – agree / Tony – disagree

Tony [at 1h01m18s]

  • Emma Morano, the oldest woman on earth at the begining of 2017, will still be alive at the end of the year
  • Wal – disagree / Vlado – agree

Wal [at 1h04m46s]

  • None of the three leaders at the start of the year, Trump, May and Turnbull, will be there at the end of the year
  • Tony – agree / Vlado – disagree

Laser pointer on the moon travelling faster than the speed of light.

Songs Played:
Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic
The Boxer – Mumford and Sons
Red Right Hand – Nick Cave
Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad – Meat Loaf


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