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The It’s Not Rocket Surgery resident amateur Rocket Scientist, Paul, returns (refer to episodes 50 and 53) to the studio to discuss the latest developments in the world of rockets, including his own adventures, with the INRS regulars.

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Songs Played:
Hard To Handle – The Black Crowes
Dead Souls – Nine Inch Nails
Time After Time – Novaspace
Venus – Bananarama
See These Bones – Nada Surf
Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – Simply Red

Top 10:10 one-star Amazon reviews of the ‘best movies of all time


It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 105 – the latest Mars “lander”, Uranus’ new dark moons, Juno falls asleep, Planet 9 throwing things out of alignment, latest massive DDOS, Graphene, Bugs, Time Crystals… and MORE of the usual science, tech, and geek culture news.

NOTE – due to operator error in-studio, and technical issues with the backup recorder, the first 8-10 minutes of the show was not recorded… but in reality, it’s just intros and stuff… so no great loss.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

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Songs Played:
Going the Distance – Cake
Don’t Walk Me Down – Run DMC vs ELO
Killing in the Name Of – Rage Against The Machine

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 104 – The winds that left the station without power last week abated, services restored, and Wal runs the desk for the first time.

In addition to last week’s leftover stories (SpaceX sabotage, Proxima b “water world” etc), the INRS crew talk about Obama’s Mars 2030 plan, Exploding Galaxy’s (of the Samsung Note 7 variety), Asgardia Nation… and the new Rogue One trailer.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

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Songs Played:
Land of 1000 Dances – Jimmy Barnes
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Barnes
Hold On I’m Coming – Jimmy Barnes
Video Killed The Radio Star – POTUS
Respect – Jimmy Barnes

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 103 … continuing previous week’s space discussions, the crew discuss Rosetta’s mission completion, Elon Musk’s announcement, & NASA’s anticlimactic Europa announcement… also discuss “the internet of things” and the usual other science, technology and geek culture stuff.

Links to stories mentioned during the show are available on request.

Download Ep.103 (65MB)

Songs Played:
Naked & Famous – POTUS
Eye of the Tiger – Hayseed Dixie
Fire Water Burn – Bloodhound Gang
Timebomb – Rancid
Velcro Fly – ZZ Top
Mona – Check 1-2