Ep100 – We Broke Wal

A massive milestone is reached… ONE HUNDRED episodes of everyone’s* favourite Science, Technology and Geek radio show and podcast. Wal, Tony, and Anth come into the studio to mark the event… There are shout-outs from guests co-hosts that couldn’t make it into the studio, and the guys discuss the latest news, including an Olypmics wrap-up, Space X goes “boom”, Mars habitation experiments concludes, Russian “WOW” signal, probes to Poxima-b, Russian head transplant, pending coffee shortage, robotic rectum, interesting protest at a Texan university… and more.

Links to stories available on request… send us an tweet @rcktsrgry

Download Ep.100 (52MB)

Songs Played:
Pary Rock – LMFAO
Girls on Film – Duran Duran

Top 10: 11 Weird Sports That Were Actually In The Olympics

* Everyone when sample-size limited to person writing this


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