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Michael, Arijana and Wal join Vlado in-studio to go deep into space, or rather, have a deep conversation about space exploration… what is happening done, what we can look forward to, and why humanity feels to need to venture into the final frontier.

Wal, Michael &. Arijana in studio to talk space for Ep102

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This amazing video shows what it’s like to zoom through space on NASA’s daredevil Jupiter probe
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Mashup of Ep99 – 2+ minute highlights of 2 hours radio program on 98.9 NorthWest FM

Tony, Wal and Vlado talk Olympics, Suicide Squad, Stranger Things, Airlander 10, NASA’s research to me made available to the public, Moon Express, space is curved, All-American eclipse 2017, ROBOTS!!! and autonomous cars, new type of fire, 5th fundamental force, the google-eyed cute Octopus, Intel AR, Gene doping… and MUCH MORE.

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Airlander 10 Lead Propulsion Engineer, Rowan, and resident INRS Aeroplane and UFO expert, JT, join Vlado in studio to talk about Airlander 10 Project, discuss the problems with Research & Development (or lack-of) in Australia… and touch-on happiness, probes to asteroids and comet, the Mars lander, Apple 7 and a couple other topics.

Topics touched-on:

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Top 10: 12 Obvious Things Confirmed By Science

A massive milestone is reached… ONE HUNDRED episodes of everyone’s* favourite Science, Technology and Geek radio show and podcast. Wal, Tony, and Anth come into the studio to mark the event… There are shout-outs from guests co-hosts that couldn’t make it into the studio, and the guys discuss the latest news, including an Olypmics wrap-up, Space X goes “boom”, Mars habitation experiments concludes, Russian “WOW” signal, probes to Poxima-b, Russian head transplant, pending coffee shortage, robotic rectum, interesting protest at a Texan university… and more.

Links to stories available on request… send us an tweet @rcktsrgry

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Top 10: 11 Weird Sports That Were Actually In The Olympics

* Everyone when sample-size limited to person writing this