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Mashup of Ep90 – 5 minute highlights of 2 hours radio program on 98.9 NorthWest FM

Tony, Wal and Vlado discuss frictionless holes through Earth, the age of the Earth’s Core, rockets, Martian tsunamis and ice-age, hyperloop, Chinese buses, flying cars, fast helicopters, beer, sex, octopods, Google, and much much more.

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Vlado and Wal go deep, discussing reality in many forms – from Elon Musk’s statement that “there is a one in billions chance that we are in base reality” to the latest in virtual and augmented reality. Then discussions move on to the more traditional topics of Star Wars, space, etc.

Topics touched-on:
Muhammad Ali: A Life in Pictures
President Obama and others pay tribute to “The Greatest”
Muhammad Ali: 30 best quotes from the Heavyweight Champion
Elon Musk: There’s a ‘one in billions’ chance our reality is not a simulation
Elon Musk says we’re probably characters in some advanced civilisation’s video game
Elon Musk believes our reality is a simulation. Here’s 21 signs he’s right.
VR parachuting is the future, and the height of weirdness
VR parachuting is the future, and the height of weirdness
Samsung Has Patented An Augmented Reality Smart-Contact Lens
Augmented reality hardware is still way ahead of its software
Why augmented reality might just outshine virtual realty
Navy develops diver’s helmet with augmented reality
NASA: Fireball in Arizona sky was an asteroid
Asteroid explosion lights up early-morning sky over Arizona
5 Challenges Scientists Working on Mars Will Face
Physicists think they know what Planet Nine is: an exoplanet stolen from another star
Star Wars spin-off Rogue One in crisis
Disney makes it official that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi
Coating helps ketchup glide
Scientists have created the first water-repellant metal
‘Zombie volcano’ slowly grows beneath New Zealand
Europe will make publicly funded scientific research public
Stroke patients are walking again after being injected with stem cells
Children who grow up surrounded by books ‘earn more as adults’ – study

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Songs Played:
Muhammed Ali Black Superman – Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Computer Games – MiSex
My Sherona – The Knack
Even Better Than The Real Thing – U2

Top 10: Things Only Engineers Will Understand