Ep90 – Greased Wombat Fat

Tony, Wal and Vlado discuss frictionless holes through Earth, the age of the Earth’s Core, rockets, Martian tsunamis and ice-age, hyperloop, Chinese buses, flying cars, fast helicopters, beer, sex, octopods, Google, and much much more.

Topics touched-on:
How Long Would It Take to Fall Through The Earth?
Earth’s core is younger than its crust
SpaceX successfully lands a Falcon 9 rocket at sea for the third time
Three in a Row! SpaceX Lands Rocket on Ship at Sea Yet Again
A SpaceX Falcon 9 May Be Too Damaged to Fly Again
SpaceX Raises Launch Prices
Blue Origin will intentionally crash its spaceship during the next test flight
India just launched a mini space shuttle, and is now officially in the reusable rockets game
University Students Launched A Rocket With Completely 3D-Printed Engine
NASA And Australia Successfully Test A Hypersonic Rocket
Mars is emerging from an ice age that ended about 400,000 years ago
Watch NASA’s second attempt at inflating the first expandable habitat on the ISS
Think Mars is cold now? Scientists say it used to be in the grip of an ice age
Ancient Mars Was Wet and Wild
Microsoft Hololens Brings the Mars 2020 Rover to Life
Hyperloop will cover its pods in a new, super-real material: Vibranium
China is joining the Hyperloop race
This Bus Might Change The Way You Travel
Japanese engineers say their flying cars will be in the air by the Tokyo Olympics
New evidence could break the standard view of quantum mechanics
Airbus X3: World’s fastest helicopter with hybrid design could revolutionise air travel
This freaky electric motorbike was 3D printed with metal powder
Colin Furze Made A Hoverbike!
The Dangers Of Sex In Self-Driving Cars And The Week’s Other Biggest Sex Stories
Having more sex can give you a BIGGER penis, study reveals
Science Says You Can Evolve a Bigger Penis By Simply F@#king More
Why Do Tiny Fruit Flies Have Giant Sperm?
Scientists have figured out exactly how much fun it is to get drunk
How alcohol affects your body and brain as you drink
Cask from the past: archaeologists discover 5,000-year-old beer recipe
Science Says the Secret to a Happy Relationship is Giving Up
Poverty linked to epigenetic changes and mental illness
Scientists find cure for type 2 diabetes in rodents, don’t know how it works
Octopi are taking over the oceans, and no one knows why
Does the yeti exist? Scientists use DNA evidence in bid to solve mystery of the abominable snowman
Oldest Known Neanderthal Construction Found In French Cave Is 176,000 Years Old
Study: Antibiotics Kill Gut Bacteria, Stop Growth of New Brain Cells
Taking Selfies Makes You Think You’re Hotter Than You Really Are, Says Science
Google needs to ‘do better’ with Ara, says the guy that dreamed up Phonebloks
The Huge Mistake Google Is Already Making With its New Google Home Device
Apple is making an Amazon Echo competitor
After one year, Google Photos has 13.7 petabytes of pictures
Google’s latest app, Spaces, aims to simplify group sharing
IDC: Chromebook sales in US outpaced Mac for the first time in Q1
This Google Patent Is Like Human Flypaper For Cars
Google using romance novels to train its artificial intelligence to write fiction
Google Science Journal lets anyone do scientific experiments
Twitter revamps 140-character tweet length rules
America’s nukes are still controlled by 8-inch floppy disks

Download Ep.90 (55MB)

Songs Played:
Lover (You Don’t Treat Me No Good No More) – Sonia Dada
I Want Your Love – Transvision Vamp
Rush – Baby Animals
When Will I Be Famous – Bros

Top 10: 10 things men should do every day (according to science)

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