Ep76 – 2016 Predictions – Ribbed

Vlado is joined by Wal and Tony to discuss their predictions for 2016. They make some crazy predictions in the areas of Technology, Films & TV, Space, Tiny Tech and Politics. They also manage to squeeze in some talk about gravitational waves and some biblical science, or more specifically “Adam’s penis”.

Download Ep.76 (57MB)

Songs Played:
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World
James Brown – The Boss
Pickin’ On Series – Under Pressure
Shahar Varshal – Royal Hotel California (mashup: Lorde, Eagles, Massive Attack)

Top 10: 11 Words for Fictional Substances

2016 Predictions:

Tech Trends

[14:56] Wal

1 person will have and 5 people will discuss 3D printers

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Vlado – Disagree

[18:18] Tony

Sony will outsell Oculas in 3D device sales

  • Wal – Disagree
  • Vlado – Agree

[20:06] Vlado

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have removable battery and expandable memory

Update – S7 will outsell iPhone 7… for 1st two months of sales.

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

Film and TV

[25:06] Tony

Captain America Civil Way will outsell Star Trek 3, Independence Day and X-Men Apocalypse (US Box Office by end of the year) – X-Men will be the worst of the 4.

  • Vlado – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

[31:55] Vlado

Captain America will do worse than Star Trek 3 & Rogue One

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Agree

[35:21] Wal

Deadpool will be panned by fans and critics, with a rating of 4 or less by both on Rotten Tomatoes

Update – Suicide Squad will outsell all other movies.

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Vlado – Disagree.


[40:01] Vlado

Space X will have a successful landing on a platform at sea

Update – There will be a successful full-scale manned Hyperloop trial run

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

[43:44] Wal

We will finally hear back from another planet with a tech level similar to our own. Interpretable, clear as day, unequivocal.

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Vlado – Disagree.

[45:04] Tony

There will only be 5 people who walked on the moon left alive by the end on 2016

  • Wal – Disagree
  • Vlado – Agree

Tiny Tech

[49:06] Wal

There will an outbreak of, and someone will release a cure for a haemorrhagic fever-type disease, which will intervene at the height of the outbreak i.e. stop it dead.

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

[51:46] Tony

CERN will discover a particle that is heavier than the Higgs, which will send the standard model to poo.

  • Vlado – Disagree (bullied into disagreeing by Wal)
  • Wal – Disagree
  • [54:49] Vlado

New swine-flu-like disease that will orginate from Northern Australia

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

Wild Card

[1:11:56] Tony

Candidates for the US Election will be Trump and Sanders

  • Vlado – Disagree
  • Wal – Disagree

[1:13:33] Wal

There will be a collision between a drone and a commercial aircraft that will destroy the drone and cause the airline to at least land

Update – Will be a military drone, big enough to cause substantial damage

  • Vlado – Disagree
  • Tony – Agree

[1:15:46] Vlado

Donald Trump will win the GOP candidacy

Update – He will go on to win the general election

  • Tony – Disagree
  • Wal – Agree

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