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It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 78 – The Imaginary Worlds Special (both the Imaginary Worlds podcast, and geek and technology aspects of other created, virtual and augmented worlds), with some of the usual science, technology and geek culture news… eg. 12 years on Mars, 30th Anniversary of Challenger Disaster, Lego Turns 58, SpaceX, Hyperloop, Mach 24 aircraft, and lots more.

Download Ep.78 (68MB)

Songs Played:
Danger Zone – Kenny Logins
Bad Boys – Inner Circle
Whole Lot of Uptown Funk – DJs from Mars

It’s Not Rocket Surgery Episode 77 – The 2016 Blizzard, January Hurricanes, Global Warming, Planet Nine (& xkcd comic about it), Metaculus, Falcon 9 barge landing, Star Wars Schedule Slip, NASA Visual Effect Artist Reveals Some Geeky Secrets, Cool Maps, Suicide Squad Trailer, and lots more of the usual science, tech, and geek culture news.

Download Ep.77 (60MB)

Songs Played:
Hotel California – Gipsy Kings
The Heat is On – Glen Frey
That’s Not My Name (mashup) – Justin Keys
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Thunder Busters (mashup) – Wax Audio
We Will Rock You, Bosa Nova! (mashup) – Elvis vs RHCP vs Queen vs Flo Rida vs Cee Lo Green

Vlado is joined by Wal and Tony to discuss their predictions for 2016. They make some crazy predictions in the areas of Technology, Films & TV, Space, Tiny Tech and Politics. They also manage to squeeze in some talk about gravitational waves and some biblical science, or more specifically “Adam’s penis”.

Download Ep.76 (57MB)

Songs Played:
David Bowie – Space Oddity
Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World
James Brown – The Boss
Pickin’ On Series – Under Pressure
Shahar Varshal – Royal Hotel California (mashup: Lorde, Eagles, Massive Attack)

Top 10: 11 Words for Fictional Substances
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Tatiana, Michael, Arijana and Wal join Vlado in studio for more an in-depth, spoiler-rich discussion about Star Wars Ep VII, this time with the added perspective of a Michael and Tatiana watching it for a second time.


Download Ep.75 (54MB)

Songs Played:
DJ Schmooli- Rock of Ages (Mashup)
NightLab – Switchable City
Edwin Star – 25 Miles
The Shins – Australia

Top 10: 11 times America was obsessed with Australia in the ’80s

Wal, Reg, and Andrew join Vlado in studio for an in-depth, spoiler-rich discussion about Star Wars Ep VII. They also managed to find some time to chat about a couple of other movies, briefly.


Download Ep.74 (52MB)

Songs Played:
Django Django – Default
The Shines – Simple Song
Parody of Adele’s “Hello” – Hello from The Dark Side
Giorgio Moroder and Philip Oakey – Together in Electic Dreams

Top 10: 11 Strange Habits of Geniuses