Monthly Archives: February 2014

The HIATUS is OVER. Yay! Vlado engages the services of Tony in the basement to resurrect the show after 5 months off. Despite the new setting, lack of station breaks and songs, the guys attempt to return to the now familiar format, with some tweaks (i.e. beers). Among the discussions:

Download Ep.66 (27MB)

Songs Played:
Royals (by Lorde) – Beefseeds
Make it So (parody of Let It Go – Frozen)

Top 10: 11 Naughty-Sounding Scientific Names (and What They Really Mean)

PS – forgot to attach the “Cover Art” for this episode to the podcast, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.


T Minus 60 Seconds is a “Recording Experiment” aimed at ironing out the bugs with the newly assembled podcast suite in a solo mode. While successful… to get it down to 60 seconds of news, I had to remove the pauses, breathes and “umms” leaving a minute of Shatner-esque INRS.

Also experimented with SoundCloud as an avenue for sharing.