Ep61. – I’m Fond of Potatoes

Vlado and Wal manage to put together a show despite minimal preparation because of Fathers Day and a CHKDSK error.

[NOTE: Listen out for Vlado’s attempt at describing twerking to Wal]

Download Ep.61 (50MB)

The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation
Elon Musk – Iron Man / Rocket Design / Tesla Safety
3D Printed Minifigures of Coco-Cola Customers
35 Classy Slang Terms for Naughty Bits from the Past 600 Years
Twitter – Acquires Trendrr / Chronological Conversations / Ben Afflek and Miley Cyrus set Twitter a buzz
16 OED Words That Became Obscure (Including Bransle, the Twerk of 1662)
More Popular Idioms Translated To Make Sense With Today’s Technology
NASA Funds 6 Futuristic Space Exploration Tech Ideas
America’s Largest Rocket Launches Top-Secret Spy Satellite
Curiosity Conducts Science on the Go and Zooms to Stunning Mount Sharp
Wormhole Is Best Bet for Time Machine, Astrophysicist Says
Students Who Do Homework Get Higher Grades
Teleportation just got easier – but not for you, unfortunately
NASA May Send a ‘Sailboat on Wheels’ to Venus

Songs Played:
Living Color – Cult of Personality
Living End – Tainted Love
Tasman Jude – On The Outset (Whoa!)
Steve Miller Band -Fly Like An Eagle
Mel & Kim – Respectable

Top 10: 5 Ways to Avoid Being Rude (According to 100-Year-Old Etiquette Rules)

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