Ep58. – A Diva Moment

Reg phones in to co-host a show that is JAM PACKED with tech & ed news.

Download Ep.58 (60MB)

Chromecast – Googles streaming video solution is here
Facebook Home’s Most Popular Feature Comes to the Android App
Facebook News Feed Event Aug 6 Will Give Much-Needed Rankings Explanation And Reveal What’s Next
Moto X looks good
Pope in Brazil for World Youth Day and will be taking Twitter confessions
How Do You Decide Who To Marry – Written By Kids
Scientific Proof that Having Money Makes People More Evil?
Study finds bearded men are more attractive, proves my mom wrong
Stubble really ISN’T sexy – but 10 days of beard growth is the key to attracting women, researchers claim
New Doctor on Sunday? Dude Doctor on Sunday
How Much Happens On The Internet Every 60 Seconds?
Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia
STEM in the national interest
World of Codecraft: 3-D Game Teaches Kids ‘Big Ideas’ of Programming
Kindergarten coders can program before they can read
Teacher Takes Student’s Phone, Sets Passcode as Math Problem Answer
Survey finds black holes in nation’s basic science knowledge
Sorting Algorithms Are Mesmerising When Visualised
Science Prodigy Zhao Bowen Wants to Crack a Genetic Mystery: What Makes Some People So Smart?

Songs Played:
Tasman Jude –Angels
The Beards – You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man
Machel Montano – The Fog
Da Face & Enginear – KaiFlo

Top 10: 10 Peculiar Things Public Schools Have Banned


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