Monthly Archives: July 2013

George phones in to co-host the show and squeeze two weeks of news into an hour-and-a-half… ComicCon, mobile phones, state of education, LOTS of space stuff… just the usual latest science, technology and geek news plus other stuff.

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Batman vs Superman inspired discussion –
How Much Would It Cost to Be Batman / Superman
How Would Superman Shave
Anti-Shark Wetsuits
A More Stylish Google Glass That Not Only Geeks Will Wear
Apple vs Android
Scientists power mobile phone with urine
Earth Selfie
Neptune’s New Moon
Mars’ Lost Atmosphere
Real Planer Called “Vulcan”
Kepler Space Telescope Experiences Gyroscope Problems
India Thought Jupiter And Venus Were Actually Chinese Spy Drones
Effort to Clean-up Space Junk
NASA aborts spacewalk due to helmet leak

Songs Played:
Tasman Jude – Family
Da Face and Enginear – Ugly Gyal
The Mouldy Lovers – Yonder Rukus
Candyman – Never Gonna Give You Up

Vlado is joined by @billy_burroo and @randomluser to discuss:

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Songs Played:
The Drones – A Moat You Can Stand In
Lyall Malloney – The Architect
Breeders – Iris
Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Nadje Noordhuis – Water Crossing

Top 10: 28 Possible Sharknado Sequels

Tony comes all the way from Maryland USA to join Vlado in-studio to discuss Duck Junk. Also getting a mention – Duck amputee gets a 3D printed foot, Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco,Comic-Con, babies laughing at dogs, Apple iWatch, Mozilla Firefox smartphone, Microsoft MoodPhone,
Dumb Ways to Die in Rio

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Songs Played:
Geoff Achison – He’s Got A Way With Women
Monty Python – They’re Not Going to Play This on the Radio
Hayseed Dixie – Strawberry Fields
Johnny Cash – Folson Prison Blues

Top 10: Top 10 Worst Science Fiction Predictions