Ep54. – The Man Comes Around

Russ phones in to give Vlado a hand in Wal’s absence. Discussion turns to politics as the weeks events in Canberra rate a mention, as does the idea that Malcolm Turnbull invented the internet in Australia. Talk then turns to tech and thefibre optical vortices boosting bandwidth, a bit of space with Voyager‘s reports from the heliosheath , Superearths & twe pay tribute to the passing ofCOROT. Then Electric cars, new HUD gadgets, iO7 and Windows8, Samsung OLED & Holographic TVs, nerds enraged about a female character in the latest Hobbit movie and the geek stereotype keeping women from careers in computer science.

Download Ep.54 (49MB)

Songs Played:
Carter USM – Reducating Rita
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
Felicity Lawless – Olé
Mark Moroney – Circles

Top 10: Top 10 Disgusting Attempts To Mix Bacon With Other Foods


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