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Russ phones in to give Vlado a hand in Wal’s absence. Discussion turns to politics as the weeks events in Canberra rate a mention, as does the idea that Malcolm Turnbull invented the internet in Australia. Talk then turns to tech and thefibre optical vortices boosting bandwidth, a bit of space with Voyager‘s reports from the heliosheath , Superearths & twe pay tribute to the passing ofCOROT. Then Electric cars, new HUD gadgets, iO7 and Windows8, Samsung OLED & Holographic TVs, nerds enraged about a female character in the latest Hobbit movie and the geek stereotype keeping women from careers in computer science.

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Songs Played:
Carter USM – Reducating Rita
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
Felicity Lawless – Olé
Mark Moroney – Circles

Top 10: Top 10 Disgusting Attempts To Mix Bacon With Other Foods

The It’s Not Rocket Surgery resident amateur Rocket Scientist, Paul, returns to conclude the discussion about rockets, covering topics such as Paul’s recent rocket launch (photo & video posted to INRS FB Page) and later covers liquid-propelled rockets including the V2 and Space Shuttle. In between, news about the supermoon, NASA asteroids mission, NASA’s new class of astronauts, taikonauts teach millions, billion pixel picture of Mars, new “Drake equation”, NASA’s Morpheus lander test, Space X Hopping Rocket & other NASA experiments, rocket skateboards, jetbikes.

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Songs Played:
Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning
Bobby Alu – Love You More
The Black Keys – Lonely Boy
Tom Lehrer – Werner Von Braun
Tony Cursio – The Franco Cozzo Song
Ricky Martin – She Bangs

Top 10: Top 10 Insanely Advanced Pieces Of Nazi Wartime Equipment

Vlado & Wal return after two weeks off… recount the events and news of the previous weeks… language in America, SoMD hit by a Derecho, real time map of America’s tornado alley, 50th anniversary of women in space, misogyny, Commander Hadfield retiring from the Canadian public service, NASA Eyeing Nuclear Fusion Rockets for Future Space Exploration, NASA’s Largest Rocket Aims for 2017 Test Flight, China launches three astronauts to its prototype space station, Mysterious Lines on Mars, PRISM, iO7 launch, Playstation4 revealed, Google Project Loon, Waze, Airbus A350 first flight & jet bikes and skateboards.

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Songs Played:
James Brown – Living in America
Green Day – American Idiot
Fallout Boy – American Sweetheart
Kim Wilde – Kids in America

Top 10: Top 10 People Who Possibly Explored The Americas Before Christopher Columbus