Open Letter to Commander Chris Hadfield

Dear Commander Chris Hadfield,


Next, I’d like to congratulate and thank-you for your exceptional work over the past five-plus months in the ISS. Your YouTube videos, songs, tweets and photos have been absolutely brilliant, and along with the Mars Curiosity Rover, you have done more for the positive promotion of all things space than anyone since the first moon-landing (IMHO).

Right now you’re probably thinking “who is this person”. My name is Vlado Kekoc, and I’m an Australian Aerospace Engineer, father-of-six, photographing, blogging, guitar playing, community radio presenter who has been closely following your adventures on the ISS. Science, technology & geek culture are the main themes of a radio show, It’s Not Rocket Surgery, which I do with the help of a variety of guest co-host, which airs on Sunday nights, 10.30PM to 12.00AM (local time), here in Melbourne Australia. The show is broadcast on a little community station, 98.9 North West FM, which services Melbourne’s north-western suburbs and the world via its stream at, from its studio in HADFIELD. The show, much like your efforts on the ISS, utilises social media to connect with people/listeners, and aims to spread the joys and science, technology and geeky stuff in an educational and entertaining way.

I imagine you’re pretty tired right now, getting reacquainted with gravity and keen to spend some time with family and friends. If possible, once things have returned to something somewhat resembling normal, or as normal as your life will be following your stint on the ISS, would you consider having a chat with us on It’s Not Rocket Surgery on a Sunday night, or any other time that suits you, whatever time you could spare.

Kindest Regards,


P.S – I imagine you’ll have thousands of these types of requests, so I totally understand if the request for a chat can’t be accommodated.

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