Ep.41 – Celebrity Geeks

In the news we discuss the Dragon capsule’s capture by ISS, hottest summer on record, Comet going to hit Mars, more on the Chelyabinsk meteor and new meteorite found in Antarctica, new radiation belt discovered, Mars Curiosity drills a hole & it’s has a HDD glitch, Dennis Tito wants to send married couple to Mars, Smartphone/Medical Tricorder, and more…

The dynamic duo then discuss geeks that are celebrities b/c they’re intelligent and able to communicate complex scientific concepts to the general public. Examples mentioned – Stan Lee, Cmd Chris Hadfield, Alain de Botton, Brian Cox, Dr Karl, David Attenborough and others; Notable Omissions – Neil deGrasse Tyson and others…

Download Ep.41 (51MB)

Songs Played:
Jimi Hendrix track (from NorthWest FM music library)
Van Halen – Jump
TISM – Greg The Stop Sign
It’s Not Rocket Sugery best viewed with Internet Explorer 2.0+ at 640×480 or greater – Russ


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