Monthly Archives: February 2013

An unstructured ramble through the weeks science, technology and geek news… Mars tourism, moonbases, Pluto’s new moons, Google Glass, Higgs Boson + End of the Universe… and more. Contains a discussion about turning 40, inconsiderate neighbours, & supermarkets preferential treatment of smokers,

Oh… and the “top 10” is one of the most memorable to date.

Download Ep.40 (65MB)

Sarah Stokely aka @stokely graced us with her presence (over the phone – eventually after some in-studio issues i.e. operator error) and explained the concept of #RotationCuration and why it’s the biggest thing on twitter since #slicedbread.

Then our fearless duo go on to discuss 3D printing moonbases, the idea of a female Han Solo spin-off, teleporters v wormholes, citizen science and other geeky news stuff.

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